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All of our gear is broadcast quality, regualry updated and carefully maintained.

Sony FX6

Sony A7Siii

GoPro Hero 7


Sony 24-70 2.8G

Sony 24-105 F4 OSS

Sony 70-200 2.8 OSSii

Panasonic 12-35 2.8

Various speed boosters & adapters



DJI Inspire 2 with X5S 5.2k raw camera

Raw & ProRes licences

Dual controllers 

DJI 15mm & Olympus 45mm lenses

Portable charging system 

DJI Mavic 2 Pro 

DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro

Streaming / Remote direction system:

Atem Mini Pro - Up to 4 cameras remote feed

iPad with external speaker for interview eyeline

Cable camera system:

Remotely controlled cable system

for lightweight cameras - 100m cable

Recorders & monitors:

Portkeys BM 5 - 5" LCD with camera control

Atomos Ninja Inferno - 7" 4K SDI recorder / monitor

Atomos Ninja Assassin - 7" 4K SDI recorder / monitor

7" LCD field monitor

5" LCD field monitor

17" LCD monitor

Miller Arrow 25 & Sprinter 2 stage tripod
Manfrotto 504HD & 536CF 3 stage tripod



Gimbal - Crane Lab 3 - Hand held 3 axis

Gimbal - Ikan ES1 - Hand held 3 Axis

Track tripod dolly - heavy duty 3m
Slider - heavy duty 1m

Slider - Edelkrone 18"


1 x Aputure Lightstorm C300D daylight

2 x Cineroid LM-400 bi colour

1 x Cineroid LM-200 bi colour
3 x 800w Redhead kit
3 x 900 LED panel field lights - daylight
2 x 300 LED ring lights - daylight

1 x 650w tungsten fresnel
Reflectors / diffusers / soft boxes

Sennheiser 300 radio lav & handheld kit

Rode NTG4 shotgun with boom & blimp

Rode Reporter hand held dynamic mic
Shure SM63 hand held dynamic mic

Rode GO single chanel wireless

Rode GOii dual channel wireless

Chroma & BG:
2m portable twistfold chroma backdrop
3m portable chroma key roll

2m portable twistfold black / white backdrop

Camera mounted teleprompter with remote control


Cinema quality Sony F5 4K
Broadcast quality Sony PMW350
BMPCC 4K Tilta.jpg
Wiral Gopro.jpg
Aputure Softbox.png
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